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    Comprehensive understanding of chemical reagents

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    High-density tianli chemical instrument co., LTD., explains chemical reagent is research, chemical composition analysis of relative standard substance, is the important condition of science and technology progress, it is mainly suitable for material synthesis, separation, qualitative and quantitative analysis, in other words, is the eye of the chemical reagent workers, in factories, schools, hospitals and research institute of daily work, these involve chemical reagent.

    At present, mainly distributed in industry, agriculture, health care, life science, biotechnology, inspection and quarantine, environmental protection, energy development, national defense, scientific research and national economy in all walks of life, but what is a "chemical", it contains what content, give it a precise definition is a very difficult thing. Early chemical reagents referred only to "pure chemicals used in chemical analysis and chemical tests to determine the composition or composition of a substance".

    It was later expanded to "chemicals used to achieve a chemical reaction", and the current "chemical agents" referred to chemicals have long gone beyond this category. It is believed that any "chemical used in a scientific experiment" can be called a "chemical agent". A more comprehensive definition of chemical reagents may be: compounds or elements of various purity grades used in chemical tests, chemical analyses, chemical studies, and other tests.

    In terms of the appellation of chemical reagent. We also summarize some relevant knowledge:

    1. Appellation based on nature

    Inorganic reagents, organic reagents, isotopes and labeled compounds, biochemical reagents, amino acids and their derivatives, proteins and polypeptides, nucleotides and their derivatives, monosaccharides and polysaccharides, enzymes and coenzymes, antibiotics, vitamins, dyes and pigments, culture media, chromatographic media, electrophoresis media, biological buffers.

    2. Use-based titles

    Chemical reagents, general reagents, analytical reagents, diagnostic reagents, teaching reagents, experimental reagents, separation tools, buffer solution, indicator reagents, biological dyes, photosensitive materials, synthetic reagents, intermediates, chemical raw materials, water quality analysis, pesticide residue testing, molecular biology reagents.

    3. Content based appellation

    Standard material, standard solution, standard solution, standard reference substance of impurities, standard samples, line standard reagent, reagent, standard substance and reference reagent, chemical, chemical standards, instruments and standards, analytical reagent, kind of reagent, 2 kinds of reagents, super pure reagents, high purity reagents, equivalent reagents, pharmaceutical, pesticide, pure spectrum, chromatographic pure, electronics, iron and steel, the prototype, Standard sample of pig iron, coal, ore, etc.

    4. Source based titles

    Imported chemical reagents, natural extraction, extract, dry powder, extract.

    5. Custom-based terms: chemicals, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, colds

    Partial reagents, special reagents, first class reagents, second class reagents, third class reagents, small variety reagents.


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