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    Matters needing attention in the transportation of hazardous chemical reagents

    Click: Time:2021-07-07 16:34:09

    Dangerous goods are those which are corrosive, natural, flammable, toxic or explosive in nature and which are likely to cause personal injury or death or damage to property during transportation, loading, unloading or storage and which require special protection. Dangerous goods chemical reagents have special physical and chemical properties. If they are not properly protected during transportation, accidents are very easy to occur, and the consequences of accidents are more serious than those of ordinary vehicles.

    Therefore, in order to ensure safety, the following eight points should be noted in the transportation of dangerous chemical reagents:

    Before shipment, dangerous goods should be packed in a safe manner according to their nature, transportation distance, road conditions, etc. The packaging must be firm and tight, and clear, standardized and easily identifiable marks should be made on the packaging.

    2. Pay attention to the loading and unloading of dangerous goods. Roads, lights, signs, fire facilities, etc. at the loading and unloading site must meet the conditions for safe loading and unloading. When loading and unloading dangerous goods, cars should be parked in the open air. Stevedores should pay attention to their own protection and wear necessary protective equipment. Strictly abide by the operating procedures, light load, light discharge, it is strictly prohibited to crash, impact, roll over, heavy pressure and upside down, afraid of damp goods should be covered by tarp, goods must be stacked neatly, bundled firmly. Dangerous goods of different nature should not be packed together with the car, such as detonators, explosives, etc., should not be packed together with the car.

    3. Attention should be paid to the use of suitable vehicles for the transport of dangerous goods. Explosives, Class I chemical reagents and oxidants, and organic oxides should not be transported by all-truck trains, three-wheeled motor vehicles, motorcycles, human-powered tricycles and bicycles. Explosives, first-grade oxidants, organic peroxides and first-grade combustibles shall not be transported by tractors. Except Class II Fixed Dangerous Goods, Dangerous Goods shall not be transported by dump truck.

    4. Fire should be avoided in the transport of dangerous goods. Non-sparking tools should be used in the loading and unloading of dangerous chemical reagents. The oil tanker truck should be installed in the stop, loading and unloading ground wire, running, should make the ground to touch the ground, in order to prevent static electricity fire.

    5. Attention should be paid to driving vehicles carrying dangerous chemical reagents, and the marks specified in GB13392-92 "Vehicle Mark for Road Transport of Dangerous Goods" should be set up. The car must strictly abide by the traffic, fire, public security and other laws and regulations, should control the speed, keep the distance with the car in front, in case of early deceleration, avoid emergency braking, strictly prohibit illegal overtaking, to ensure driving safety.


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